Avi Ross Group is a design and real estate development team focusing on the restoration and rehabilitation of historical and architecturally significant properties.

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The Avi Ross Group was founded in 2005 by Marina Rossi. Avalon later joined the company upon her graduation in 2016, growing the company to become a dynamic mother-daughter team. What originally began as an investment firm quickly grew to encapsulate all aspects of property remodeling, from scouting real estate to project planning and over sight, as well as all design aspects. Having successfully renovated residential as well as commercial spaces, and various styles from ultra modern to rustic Spanish style, The Avi Ross Group isn't limited to a specific aesthetic, but allows the existing structure to influence and mold the vision for the project. We believe in finding the original uniqueness of each property we design, and simply bringing forth the hidden beauty of what was there all along. 

Marina Rossi's experience in design began right after high school, when she attended the prestigious Marangoni Institute of Design in Milan, Italy. She went on to run a successful women's apparel line in the 1990s called Marina Rossi. The high-end knitwear line gained international attention when celebrities like Janet Jackson began wearing Marina's designs.

In 2005, Marina founded The San Giuliano Hotel in Palm Springs and grew the company while working on her other real estate investments and design projects. The hotel reopened as The Rossi in 2017 with an even stronger emphasis on the unique design of each of the rooms, including antique pieces from around the world, collected by Marina during her many travels around the globe. The Rossi Hotel was featured in Conde Nast Traveller’s 2018 “Hot List” and named as one of the 100 Hot Properties in the world.

Avalon Rossi graduated from UCLA's English Literature & Film programs in 2016. Her creativity flourished at a young age through performing in theater. She's appeared in numerous national commercials and several independent films that have garnered national attention and won film festivals. She has always loved being involved in her mom's design projects, and has a knack for vintage & antique shopping. She now joins Marina in the creative development and execution of every project, forming a distinct yet cohesive style and purpose for The Avi Ross Group. 

Please join us on our journey in making our creative visions come alive! 


Marina & Avalon